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6 Habits to Get Your Summer Body Right

To get a summer body it all begins with new habits. Like anything else, results take time. Sorry infomercials, but there is no quick fix to getting fit. Although Memorial Day Weekend is still months away, it’s important to begin your summer workout plan now. This way, by the time it’s beach season, you’re ready to go. A proper workout plan starts with healthy habits outside of physical fitness, although that is a key part of it.

Wolfpack’s dedicated team of personal trainers are not only able to help you reach your fitness goals in the gym but outside of it, too. They’re able to tailor a program specific to your needs so that you leave each session inspired and motivated. Through that one-on-one personal connection, each trainer client relationship is created so that when you reach your goals it feels like a win-win for both of you. Are you ready to start your fitness journey?

Here are 6 habits that will help you get a summer body:

1. Wake up earlier

There’s a popular book called The 5AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life. Essentially, it claims that waking up at 5AM every day will improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. We’re not here to suggest you wake up at 5AM every day. However, a great way to jumpstart your summer workout plan, and get a summer body, is to set your alarm earlier so you have more time in your day.

Waking up even just an hour earlier than you usually would is a gift. You are literally giving yourself more time to get things done. Plus, studies have proven that early risers reap some serious rewards that the rest of us are just sleeping on– healthier skin, better sleep, more time to themselves, and, naturally, more time to exercise. Harder than it sounds? Luckily, there’s a simple method to begin the process.

It can feel exhausting going from waking up at 7AM to the alarm blaring at 5AM. But 7AM to 6:45AM? That’s not so bad. Whether you want to get up one hour or several hours earlier, set your alarm anywhere between five to 15 minutes earlier each day and gradually reset it. Keep doing this until you’ve arrived at your new desired wake up time. Eventually, as you begin to wake up earlier you will start to go to bed earlier, and your body will adjust.

Suddenly, thanks to your new morning routine, you have more hours in the day to carve out dedicated workout time.

2. Drink more water

Our bodies are, roughly, composed of 60 percent water. So, naturally, when you add more H2O into your daily routine you will start to see a difference in how you function.

If you’re ready to begin your summer workout plan, begin each day with a glass of water and continue to hydrate as the hours roll on. When you drink water first thing in the morning– before the coffee, protein shake, or breakfast– your body actually flushes out toxins, aids in digestive health, increases metabolism, and strengthens the immune system. Think of it as a daily reset button for your physical health.

But don’t stop there. To really get a summer body you should regularly drink more water throughout the day, especially the more you workout. Doing so will support your muscles, joints, and connective tissue, which speeds up recovery time between workouts as it transports nutrients and stabilizes the body’s pH balance.

3. Cut back on caffeine

As you begin your days with a glass of water, to really optimize your energy level, it would be wise to also cut back on caffeine. Research tells us that even a small caffeine fix in the afternoon can disrupt sleep patterns, which in turn makes us less likely to wake up early and get the most of our day. To get a summer body, and form new habits that stick, try reducing your caffeine intake a little at a time.

We’re not saying go cold turkey (we all enjoy a cup of coffee now and again) but begin to moderate your consumption as you get into your summer workout plan. You’ll also notice those jitters and small anxieties start to dissipate, because you’re not so wound up on caffeine. Which means a more relaxed body for your next workout.

4. Be around like-minded people

Starting a new routine alone can be difficult. When there’s no one around to motivate you it can feel better to throw in the towel and skip out on bad days. And rainy days? Forget it, it’s easier to stay on the couch. But when you’re around like-minded people, others who share some of the same goals, you’re naturally driven to achieve what you set your mind to.

To stick with a new summer workout plan, find others who are also committed to getting a summer body. Join activities such as co-ed sports, run clubs, or a gym. Get a personal trainer or schedule time with a friend to workout together. Other people will help you feel accountable for your actions, because suddenly you have someone to answer to. Can’t make your personal training session? Well, you have to let your trainer know. Don’t feel like running with your friend? Well, no one likes when people cancel. Before you know it you’ll turn even bad days into ones that propel you forward.

Building new habits is always tough in the beginning. That’s why a crucial step to achieve any goal is to find others who will cheer you on when you need them, and show tough love when necessary.

5. Set daily goals

Similar to being around like-minded people, a great habit to get a summer body is to set daily goals. Begin each day, or end each night, with a goal for the day ahead. It can be to go for a walk, follow up with a friend, workout from home, find a new exercise to try, or really anything that includes taking action. The important part is that you stick to it.

With all the distractions of the outside world, and social media, it’s so effortless to go about our days without truly accomplishing anything for ourselves. But when you set daily goals you prioritize what matters. In this case, your summer workout plan.

6. Get outside once a day

The reason why we couldn’t get outside used to be, “I’m in an office all day.” Now it’s “I work from home.” You know what these two statements have in common? They’re detrimental to our health.

Getting outside once a day, whether you take a walk or simply lay in the sun, decreases stress, reduces inflammation, fights depression, wakes you up, and can even boost creativity. What’s more, all of this positively impacts your mood which makes sticking to a summer workout plan more likely. Being happier, less stressed, and more creative can change your mindset. Before you know it you’ll find any reason to get outside and workout, and you’ll be that much closer to getting a summer body.

Change takes time, but it begins with a single step. When you incorporate these six habits– waking up earlier, drinking more water, limiting caffeine consumption, being around like-minded people, setting goals, and getting outside– you’ll be more likely to stick to your fitness goals and get the summer body you deserve. Remember, when it comes to your mental and physical fitness you get out of it as much as you put into it.

Ready for a summer workout plan? Check out a Wolfpack fitness near you– including our brand new Flatiron, NYC location– and start your journey with one of our professionals today!

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